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BOILER ROOM | Open 10PM -3AM | FRI, SAT, & SUN | 18+ With Valid ID | 11 Grove Street Asheville, North Carolina 28801 | © 2012 Cahoots Inc.


BOILER ROOM is home to a showcase of Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop, Punk, Electronica and many other genres that are considered "loud" (in auditory terms) by nature. Note...Acoustic acts and bands that generally perform at low to moderate volume will find the dance club above the BOILER ROOM venue can easily drown out a set.


BOILER ROOM is a unique venue and has played host to countless bands. The venue does not have a built-in crowd like some other venues. On a night where live music is showcased, the crowd, for the most part, consists of the bands' fan-base. With this in mind, out-of-town bands are strongly encouraged to build a network with local bands to ensure that the show is a success; this can only be possible for a show revolving around strong and successful local performers. Information about local bands can be found on our page: Band Links


The BOILER ROOM is a proud participant in Asheville’s live music scene. We are a place for bands to showcase “Original” works and materials only. Live material that belongs to other artists will not be allowed. For all inquiries,
please include a short description of your band including links to your band's website, Facebook page, reverbnation page and/or other site(s) which host your band's media.

Also note that ALL band members must be over the age of 18 years old and have a valid ID.




Bands that are considered "loud" in
(auditory terms), please send booking
inquiries to:
Boiler Room Booking




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